Important Dates

23-24 May, 2019  Shenzhen


23-25 October, 2019 Shanghai



More  Introduction:

Antenna China is a technical conference developed in collaboration with leading international technology companies in areas of antenna, system and propagation. Technology and industrial leaders gathered here to display their latest antenna products and deliver conference attendees practical solutions to their problems.


Vendors providing the following products are encouraged to participate:

Base station antenna, communication antenna, satellite antenna, vehicle antenna, microwave antenna, GPS antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, MIMO antenna

Antenna applied in wireless communication, broadband, radio, radar, satellite, short-range and other wireless services

Antenna design & analysis

Antenna test services & test system

EMC/EMI, RF, microwave, EM simulation, material, passive devices


Antenna China is where you can find the latest products, services, market trends, and research & development available in the Antenna market.



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